Tuesday, December 16, 2008

61 lbs down

This week, I didn't weigh as much as I usually do because I've sort of reached my goal (although staying totally "legal" on Weight Watchers and intending to do so for the rest of my life because I do not want to regain the weight).

The weight was 206 - loss of 1/2 lb which is much more what I'd like to lose each week (more healthy to lose more slowly). Last week, did not deplete my flex points and since WW is no longer minusing exercise points - well only AFTER flex points were depleted, I had a "light eating week". Things are getting busy now and sometimes just don't have time to eat a lot during the day so grab a balance bar and a milk and call it "lunch". :)

I did have fun holding my great granddaughter (who is ADORABLE!) though. (photo) Life isn't all about dieting! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my all time low!!

As of this morning, I weighed 206.5 which is my all time low. I stood there and stared at the number for a while. It looked BEAUTIFUL. Because I have now taken off the 60 lbs I gained after I stopped attending Weight Watcher meetings in the end of 2004 and I am actually at an all time low in 25 years.... This time I'm not quittin' - staying with Weight Watchers on line and I hope to keep going with my weight loss!