Friday, August 22, 2008


Somehow I managed to trim off 6 lbs since I last wrote this blog... not sure how. But I'm weighing 220 now and that's only 13 more than my lowest weight after Weight Watchers. I never really thought I'd get to this point and glad to be here.

Also I started B12 sublingual tabs and have noticed a definite improvement in muscle pain and fatigue etc. I take one a day. I've known I've had a B12 deficiency for a long time but push came to shove when I started to experience the symptoms of neuropathy... time to stop fooling around I said so here I am. I've only been on it for a week but I'm expecting an improvement of my gum problems. I hope.

Anyway, 6 lbs is the most I've lost in a month. And if I lose 6 lbs this month ... but won't hope for that. I'll be happy for 3 lbs.

1400 calories is the magic number. At that amount, I get NO gerd and wow is it a relief. Acid reflux symptoms get so old. I've had GERD all my life but of course, it, like everything else, gets worse with age.