Saturday, October 3, 2015

Injury - update August - Sept 2015

Me with youngest DGD who had her 18th BD in July

So I got a bit too exuberant in walking. Went with DGD to see youngest DGD and oldest DGD at the store where they work (so for one thing, could give youngest DGD - she was 18 this Birthday - her card and gift. They got DH a scooter but couldn't easily find another one for me so I walked in the store.  That night, I woke up at 11 PM to cook veggies and moved my left leg a bit to the side, felt a "pop" and horrible pain.  DS said it was a muscle strain but it might have been a ligament issue also as I've had a similar injury before - had a mini stroke in 2008 (I'm almost 71 now!) and it took some nerves or whatever out of the left leg - right after the stroke, I was off my feet too.  Anyway, after this injury couldn't walk at all and had to use a scooter around the house.  I believe I've said I'd fought depression because went from being a princess (DH spoiled me) to being a Cinderella (after DH's 3rd stroke when I became caregiver).  Well, what I learned from this injury is there are worse things than being a caregiver, like being a caregiver confined to a scooter.  Doing everything I ordinarily did, became difficult.  And that lasted several weeks. Injury happened Sept 6 and I'm just getting back on my feet now - beginning of October but still wearing my soft brace. (Maybe I should have been wearing it all along?)  Have been a bit depressed (my e-bike is down for the count - the shop lost their mechanic and I need a new front wheel - the bearings are gone on the front wheel on the bike now).  But in the last week I've been able to ride further on my pedal bicycle and that was a thrill. Yesterday DH lent me his e-bike and I rode to an errand and enjoyed it!  And am doing my cooking and cleaning on my feet.

  Most of all, I've learned to be grateful for what I have instead of mourning what I no longer have and ironically, have in the last week or so, been happier than I'd been since Feb 2014 when DH had the third stroke.  It's been good for DH also - since I couldn't wait on him as much with the injury, he's been walking better (because doing more of it).  I think God hit us both with a brick and sometimes those bricks hurt but we end up better for it.

My weight has been staying around 160.  That seems to be where my body likes to be. I got a bravo from our WW leader this AM for "getting" maintenance.  I'm 20 lbs below my doctor set goal so that gives  me some breathing room.  That's it for the update - for now (August was a hard month because we had a power outage for 5.5 hours and also I had two molars break off - crowned teeth, they required surgical extractions.  So not fun!)   Onward and upward! :)