Thursday, May 6, 2010

7th monthly weigh-in

I haven't written for a while - life has been sort of busy. But I have been losing slowly. In March I got my 100 lbs lost award (this is a sort of a washer thing in gold - not real gold.. *LOL* with 100 lbs on it) in March 2010. I got to get up before the class, show a before and after shot etc. This last monthly weigh-in my my 7th monthly weigh-in - I'd lost another 1.4 lbs bringing the "off" total to 105 lbs! And 14 lbs heavier than what I weighed on my wedding day. I can sort of get into my wedding dress but have developed a more muscular upper body from the years of working out and weight training so it would be tight on top. Kind of a thrill. A friend got some size 12 jeans for me at the GoodWill and they are getting too loose but I got a smaller pair that will work - same size but very tight cut like women like to wear them today. I also have a pair of black pants which fit and between these two, that's mostly what I wear. The clothing issue gets to be a pain after a while especially if you are like me and hate to go clothing shopping. Generally speaking though, I feel the difference of the weight off mostly in my joints - I've been able to cut down arthritis pain meds to very little and can move around much easier than I could even as a fit and fat person.