Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm down to 217.5 as of this morning. That is exactly 10 lbs higher than my absolute lowest weight on Weight Watchers in 2004.

Got into my size 18 jeans last weekend. Never thought I would be there. It's a strange feeling especially when it is taking so long to lose the weight. The photo to the left (the after) is me in the 18 jeans. I even have some sitting room (I don't like tight jeans - comfort is king) :)

On the bad side, I realize that my current rather nasty knee/hamstring injury (which I aggravated yesterday by walking for 7 minutes... ** Sigh **) is because I was feeling a lot lighter on my feet and started jumping around like I did when I was in my 50's forgetting that there is a lot of difference between the age of 64 and anything below 60.

If this ever heals (and ANYTHING AT MY AGE heals slowly) then I think I will feel a lot lighter on my feet. And hopefully won't be so doggoned stupid next time.

I am still continuing the daily workout of course. But just making it low impact except when I decide to do something stupid.