Monday, December 28, 2009

Shopping woes

After several shopping trips, I finally found out what size I am and could actually buy some clothing. Also, my savy DIL bought me some nice clothing, all of which fits and looks nice.

What was kind of strange is looking at a pair of size medium pants and thinking my butt will NEVER fit in these and then, trying them on and seeing that they fit great and feel comfy...

During one frustrating shopping trip, I went into Lane Bryant's, my former favorite store where I could REALLY "buy clothing off the shelf" and where the sizing is fairly predictable and the clothing is nice with a good variety of choices. The lady looked at me and asked "for whom are you buying clothing?" I answered, "Me" and she laughed and said "You're too skinny for THIS STORE - we don't have anything to fit you!"

Bottom line, "buying off the shelves" when you are average sized is a myth...

Amazing. I'm still getting used to this.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Second monthly weigh-in for WW lifetime membership

This last Saturday was my second monthly weigh-in for Weight Watchers' lifetime membership and I was 7 lbs below goal... wooo hooo....

I got the official lifetime membership guide and it says our part in the meeting changes from member to either leader, receptionist or "role model".

Imagine me, a role model... wow... who-da thunk it?

Lifetime membership is so worth it! :)