Thursday, October 23, 2008

slowly slowly....

Well, after a several week plateau, I weighed 213.5 this morning (usual weigh-in time) and 212.5 at 4 pm. So which should I count? I am either 6.5 lbs or 5.5 lbs away from the magic (and ellusive) 207 and when I go down to the "0's" I will have to drop 2 points from my daily intake which shouldn't be a big problem.... (you drop 2 points every time you change the left 2 numbers).

Today was a no exercise day - I am taking 1 day off a week because I find it's helpful for healing my ligament injury and also, my muscles like it better. I guess I can live with that although I DO like working out every day. And I very much miss my walking program - I've always been a walker type person. But still working out, doing no impact or low impact stuff. Have temporarily dropped aerobic dancing for a few weeks until my injury heals more but will probably take that up again, at least in the New Year.