Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have been 198 all week!!!

Wow does it EVER feel good to be in ONE-DER-LAND!

I never thought I'd make it. I just FEEL good about it all! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So a couple of times in the past two weeks, I actually hit the magical land of ONE-DER-LAND i.e. under 200 lbs! I took a photo of the scale the first time it happened (which turned out to be no easy task because the darn thing kept timing out before I could get my camera ready so I had to weigh 3 times to get the picture! *LOL*)

However, my official weigh-in this week was 201.5 so my body is playing games with me. I like the feeling of "one der land" and hope I get down to the point where I never see 200 lbs.

I measured and found that I have lost 8 inches in my butt and 7 inches in my waist (well not being a young thing, my waistline went the way of the nickle beer).

Nothing fits me, not even my undie panties and I don't have a clue what size I am. I haven't been this small forever... (at least 25 or more years). I now weigh 8 lbs more than I did when I had our son in 1969 (of course, I thought I was horribly fat then because I started in the pregnancy at 149 or 150 lbs... my low weight is 198.5.

In looking at some summer photos, I realize that last summer I weighed like in the low 240's or high 230's so this summer might be fun as far as skimpier clothing etc. Right now, it's warm clothing cover up time... :(