Friday, March 21, 2014

update 2014

Sorry haven't updated for a while.  DH had another stroke a month ago and lost a good part of his thinking ability.  Cannot drive etc etc.  It's been hard because we were such close companions and it's like a large part of him is no longer there.  I lost my appetite and that's helped me in weight loss (lost 7 lbs at last weigh-in) but not a great way to lose weight.  Also I'm fighting depression and there is sort of no one to talk to.  I try to remind myself that I was lucky I had such a nice companion for 47 years but somehow that doesn't ease the pain I'm feeling now, much because I miss that companionship a lot.

I guess what gets to me is that all was great until he decided he wanted to ride his pedal bicycle again (instead of his electric bicycle) after not riding the pedal bike for several years. He worked hard and heart pains did not deter him.  Finally, after a few days of this, he had a stroke right after a lengthy bicycle ride seemingly
from the over extended effort.  I wish I had stopped him now.  Too soon old, too late smart. The photo is of him on that long bicycle ride just before his third stroke.  He literally brought the bicycle in, sat down in his chair and had a stroke.

Anyway, sorry this is kind of a sad blog.  Hopefully will feel more upbeat next time I write.  Last weigh-in, I was 15 lbs below goal.  Easy to be below goal when one doesn't feel like eating.  Not good though...