Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things are looking up

DH is getting some return in cognition but it's slow.  He works - does an online puzzle every day and still does his 30 minutes on the stationary bicycle.  I lost some weight when he initially had his stroke and have been losing about a lb a month but think I'm leveling out now at 15 lbs below my WW goal weight.  I know I'm more active than before because I do all the cooking now and DH can no longer safely drive (although he still does ride his electric bicycle.  At the age of 70, my bicycle speed is comfortable at 5 MPH which is average for my age. (although I remember being in my 50's and questioning the "slow speed" of senior riders).  We are watching and enjoying the Tour de France at present. Yesterday DH did the online puzzle in 20 minutes which is half the time that he took a few months back so progress is happening.  I'm getting used to the "new life" where I am alone often as DH doesn't chat the way he used to before stroke 3. (has some trouble enunciating words)  photo: like this church, we are rebuilding DH's cognition...

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