Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 2015 update

I still ride my bicycle a lot albeit also ride an electric bicycle :)

As usual at this time of year, we are watching the Tour de France.  DH either has gotten more return or I've gotten used to the "new him" - probably more of the latter - I help him dress and we have made other changes which work better (he can do some stuff but needs supervision).  We ended up getting a new car and I am shocked to experience where technology has progressed since we got our other car in 2007.  This one has a push button start (no ignition key - I carry a "FOB"), automatic "climate control" and wonderful shocks --- unlike our other car which wasn't really bad but the front end of it disconnected and when I went to the dealership to get it fixed because last time that happened, our mechanic said we needed to go to the dealership.  But at the dealer, a car salesman swooped down upon me and talked us (well me) into a new car. Actually he just let me drive it and I was hooked.  So now we have "car payments" again.  ** sigh **  Sometimes life feels a bit unreal to me - I still miss the strong protective man, DH was - now he's just different... like getting used to a new guy.  He's nice but different and I am left with making the big decisions (like the new car) on my own - I've never done this in my life and it feels very different and uncomfortable. DH kind of, is not all there - quiet and often sits - he still eats normally though... Through all of this, I have kept all of my weight off though - actually losing slowly like one lb a month (I am told I am in the 5% who can keep over 100 lbs off for several years).  Truly I do not have the appetite I used to have, probably due to the big changes in my life (some of which are a bit scary).  But I know if I didn't make good food choices, I could be back where I was in 2008.  Weighing in at my monthly Weight Watchers meeting, is definitely helping me to remember to stay "on program". I do suffer depression quite often but try to deal with that through exercise and prayer.  Depression because losing my lifetime companion in a sense is hard - especially as the years between his retirement in 2010 and his 3rd stroke in Feb 2014, were some of the best in our marriage.

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