Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan 2016 update

(My favorite game of late - CrazyKitchen!) :)

Weight Watchers has a new program called "Beyond the Scale" and I approached with trepidation, after all, it's very new and different from the "Points Plus" program I've been following for years.  But after I'd read the new material and studied it, I realized it's the best program yet, because it warns you about unhealthy foods by assigning them high points value and steers you toward healthy foods by assigning lower points values, and also because it's the only program that I know of, which incorporates fitness right into the program as an integral part.  That's something near and dear to my heart because I feel regular exercise is pretty close to being a lifesaver.  They have an "app" for iPhones and the like which helps members work fitness into their daily lives!  So after really studying the materials carefully, I decided to embrace the new program and I _totally_ love it!  As for foods, you can still choose anything you want but now you can, before you eat, know exactly what you are getting.  I've stayed away from fast food and food high in saturated fats because of a 2 year research I did on the subject which included things like studies, testing the blood after eating foods high in saturated fats and seeing fatty deposits in the blood etc.  Since fast food is a big seller, this is underplayed on TV but Weight Watchers hopes to protect members from falling into the fast food jungle.  (Fast food is very high in calories also - I notice that most of the very overweight folks on the TLC TV show "My 600 lb life" ate lots of fast food.  That's not the only reason they got so large - Obesity scientist, Rudy Leibel states that obesity is at least 60 % genetic/physical (metabolic etc).

Bottom line, I'm very happy with the new program and I don't know if I've lost any weight because I weigh once a month at my Weight Watchers meeting, but I'm on maintenance anyway and several members who have weighed in, said they not only, saw nice losses but feel better than they have felt in a long time because of eating more healthy foods.  I've been maintaining my weight, several lbs below goal now, since March 2010.

PS: when they talk about eating for stress etc, I know about that - had to find new mechanisms for handling stress - it's not easy but can be done.

PPS: (referring to the graphic above) I only chase donuts in computer games - I pass by them in real life! :) :)

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